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A Profile of Stanton DeFreitas, Businessman and Writer

April 20, 2018

Becoming an accomplished businessman was never the primary life goal of Stanton DeFreitas. That is not to say he is not that; his work ethic is such that he always does his best at everything. However, the main goal of Stanton DeFreitas has always been to make sure everyone he touches is able to benefit from the lessons he learned as a child. You see, Stanton grew up in the extremely diverse Scarborough section of Toronto, Ontario, as a Canadian with Caribbean roots. At that time, he was exposed to a wide variety of cultures and traditions and his decision to embrace that made him an excellent businessman.

And now, that same attitude promises to make Stanton DeFreitas a great writer in the future. He wishes to share as much of his knowledge about diverse cultures as possible, to as many people as possible. By doing so, he hopes to bring the world together in a very real way. Stanton believes we should all think of ourselves as citizens of the world, rather than as a citizen of a particular country. Every culture depends on every other culture in a very real way, and we should all promote that.